Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4-4-12 9:55pm Little Caesar's Peperoni Pizza and Water

Got out of work tonight and really sisnnt feel like going through the steps of cooking, so I swung by the C and got this lovely treat. Lovely might be an overstatement.

Little Ceasar's is good because it's so fucking cheap. I remember in high school my friend Matt was explaining to me how a large pizza was only $5.00 and I could fathom it. On the other hand, it CAN taste like shit. It's one of those places where it can taste really bad, or really good depending on who cooks it and how you're feeling.

Also, I'm drinking water because I don't feel like mixing lemonade right meow.


  1. That sounds pretty damn good right now. I love little ceasars cheap pizzas.

  2. after seeing this picture i really want pizza right now!

  3. oh now I really really would like some pizza now

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