Friday, March 30, 2012

3-31-12 1:56am 1 Chicken and 1 Beef Ramen Noodles and a Half and Half Mango Arizona Iced Tea.

First of all, this beverage is the single best beverage (that doesn't get you drunk) that has ever existed. Something about the mixture is just so fucking delicious. Bravo, Arizona.

Also, you might have noticed my Ramen Noodles have no water in them. That's because that's how I like them. I want noodles, not noodle soup. I'd buy some fucking Campbell's if that was the case.

You just have to make sure you mix up the seasoning really good, and don't let it sit ontop of the noodles before you mix for very long or else it will concentrate in one area of the noodles, leaving other areas without seasoning. I don't know if you've ever had Ramen Noodles with no seasoning, but it tastes like shit.

Lesson learned. Moving on.